Jump for Joy!


We jump for joy because we bought a car!!!!!!  I can't even begin to tell you the excitement.  I think I just grew a pair of wings.  We have all kinds of road trip plans for this beautiful 2000 Mitsubishi Magna.  A visit to the field of kangaroos, the beach, Aldi runs, to and from work/school/church, putt-putt, the beach, shopping, thrift store explorations, the beach, blue mountains, camping, Ikea runs, the beach, Costco, cafes, late night shopping, movies, easy grocery store trips, farmers markets and of course, the beach!  

We've been praying for a car for quite some time now.  We truly want to take the blessing and use it to bless others.  We have been blessed by so many others who have vehicles before we got ours.  We want to be the same to everyone else.   

And yes, his name.  Ronnie.  Named after Ron Swanson, and Ronnie the Killers drummer.

Dane did all of the leg work, our friends Gav and Monique ran us to and from different test drive opportunities, Pastor Jay helped us search for cars giving us tips on how to buy used, our neighbor Greg gave us an amazing gift by detailing and waxing Him, and we couldn't be more thankful to everyone who was part of this journey.  We are so excited!

The Kids Down Under


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