Roo Fields


Stopping in one last time this week to share photos of our last little Adventure with our family.  One of the most incredible places I have ever visited is this field in Morriset filled with hundreds of wild kangaroos.  We were so fortunate to even find a mom with a joey in her pouch.  She actually let us get very close to her.

Just a little side story.  Aunt Carolyn had a dream before going that the kangaroos attacked her.  The first thing that happened when we arrived was a kangaroo made a beeline towards her.  Now I don't know if you have ever seen a kangaroo travel at a high rate of speed but it is pretty impressive.  It came right up and sniffed her ipad, which she was using for video and pictures.   If you happen to run into my Aunt C, make sure you ask to see the video.  It makes me so happy.

Speaking of video, we are going to leave you with these two.  I hope you have enjoyed the Aussie Adventures we had with our family!  Much Love!  The Kids Down Under

Winter Beach Day


You cannot visit Australia without taking in the breathtaking beaches.  So of course we had to have a beach day, yes, even in the middle of the winter, so off to Bondi we went.  While there Kelli got herself a little Souvenir at Bondi Ink.  Bondi Ink even took these Kansas folks' picture and posted it on their facebook page.  Apparently that makes us famous!  ♥ The Kids Down Under

Have You Ever Seen A Kangaroo in Real Life?


It amazes me.  Most Americans have never seen a kangaroo.  I mean think about it, I cannot recall a kangaroo exhibit at any zoo I have visited.  True I don't have heaps of zoo experience, but these animals are now some of my favourites.  Australia is filled with some spectacular and unique creatures and Featherdale Wildlife Park gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with many of these animals.  And yes, those koala bears are real.  I know, they look so perfect you just want to squeeze them!   God's creatures just incredible!  xoxo The Kids Down Under

We Love Family: The Blue Mountains


One of our favourite places in Australia is the Blue Mountains.  The views are breathtaking and there is always a new adventure waiting for you.  While in the mountains we hiked the King's Table, had our pictures taken by some Swedish people, photo bombed an Asian Tour Guide's group photo, explored caves, drank hot chocolate, saw the Three Sisters, kissed giant stuffed koalas, shopped at a crazy cat thrift store (80 cats), enjoyed lunch at the most amazing cafe (you must check out Common Grounds Cafe), and ended our night at our dear friends house for homemade meat pies and wonderful conversation.  Yes, Blue Mountains, you are wonderful!  Love, The Kids Down Under

We Love Family


When you live half way around the world, a familiar face, hug, smile, means the world to you.  We had the joy of my Aunt Carolyn and cousin Kelli coming to the land down under for a bit of Aussie adventure.  Over the course of the next couple of days we are stopping in to share just a few of the highlights of their trip.

We had the opportunity to take in the Vivid lights show downtown at the Harbour.

And of course we had to take in Newtown.  Thrift store shopping, coffee, cafes, and meat pies at the Pie Tin.

We did a night tour of city stopping in at Hyde Park.

And we enjoyed hearing Kristin Chenoweth in concert at the World Famous Sydney Opera House.  Above is a picture of the main concert hall.

Yes, we had a fabulous time with our family and can't wait to share more of their adventures with you which include things like kangaroos, koalas, tattoos, the beach, and great heights.  So be sure to stop back over the course of the next couple of days.  Love, The Kids Down Under