Paper Calendars & Making Memories


When I was a kid, every December my parents would get my brothers and I a special gift on December 1st.  This gift was simple, probably didn't cost much, and was made of paper.  This gift was an advent calendar.  I remember waking up each day before school and meeting my brother at the calendar.  We would hunt for the number that corresponded with the day and then pry open the perforated edges to reveal a new little scene in the Christmas Story.  I also remember arguing over who would get to open the Christmas Day window, which I knew would reveal the baby Jesus.  I always let my brothers win this battle, knowing this was in a way, my own little Christmas gift to them.

Now days there are all sorts of creative ways that families count down the days until Christmas.  Elf on the Shelf, Activity Advent Calendars, A Gift a Day.  What I have noticed is that most of these things are aimed at kids and making the season magical for them.  They are also often complicated and time consuming to create.

So I got to thinking, wouldn't it be fun to have a way for adults to count down to Christmas?  I mean, I love kids and all, but right now Dane and I are living the kid free life.  Or maybe you're at college living with 5 other friends.  Or maybe you've got a group of people in your life who you love and adore and just want to have some holiday fun with.  Well for you adults who love the magic of Christmas, I've created a project for you.

Now it might not be as awesome as opening 25 little perforated windows, but it does have a sense of excitement and adventure, plus its pretty simple.

Just make a list of 25 things you want to do throughout December, cut them apart into 25 pieces and put them in a jar.  You can even use your jar of fun as a Christmas decoration in your house.  Ours is on a shelf in our living room next to some other fun decor.  Each day draw a slip of paper out of the jar, and then go have fun!  You can enjoy the activities with your friend, bf/gf, spouse, cousins, housemate, grandparents, or even get the kids involved.

Don't forget to grab the camera and document some of your fabulous fun!

Can't think of 25 things to do together?  Well I've create this "Nice" list for you.  Simply print, cut and paste!

I hope you all have a fabulous December and make some new memories with the people in your life.

Make Your December One for the Books


December is a fabulous month. There are so many fun yearly traditions and experiences that happen during this month, and it often flies by so quickly, I wish I could just capture it and hold on to it a little longer.  That's why a few years ago I took part in Ali Edwards, "December Daily" challenge.

The concept is simple.  Take a picture everyday during the month of December and at the end of the month, make a book out of it.

Your book can be as simple as loading 31 pictures (or more if you are photo crazy like me) to your favorite photo printing site and then create a book online, or just stick individual prints in their own album.

Or you can get super creative and make your own mini 31 day journal complete with pictures and little journal entries to help recall events even better.  In the past I have written down quotes, or a story, like the time mom and I made cinnamon candy and we about passed out from the extreme nose burning steam the candy creates when you pour it onto the cold pan.  Lesson learned.

So I'm back on the bandwagon this year, after taking a couple years off.  I'll be honest, I really did miss not doing this the past two years, and as I pulled out my journals from previous Christmas's (they get stored with my Christmas decor), I was thrilled to go back and flip through.  And man would I love love love to have you join me!!!!

I am trying a new format this year, inspired by project life.  A simple scrapbooking method that involves sheets of plastic with pockets (think baseball card holders).  All you do is stick your pictures in the slots and if you want to add a little flair, you can use papers, washi tapes, paint whatever your heart desires.

I decided to make my album 6x8 this year, so I purchased the 6x8 refill pages pictured above at Hobby Lobby.  There are 16 pages in a pack for $4.99 (but if its half off, only $2.50, how's that for a simple, fun diy price????)  With 16 pages front and back, I have enough for all 31 days. get you started (have I mentioned I really want you to join me on this?) I designed some cards that will easily fit into the smaller 3x4 slots of your refill pages, or you can staple/glue them onto larger sheets of paper to create your own unique designs.

All you have to do, is download, print, and cut.  Download Here.

You can also go online and purchase kits from Project Life.

If you need some inspiration or more inspiration here are some links that may help you.

Christy's Past December Daily 2009 I am ashamed to say, I've never uploaded my 2010 version...its seriously the best one I've ever done lol.  Maybe someday I will.
Christy's December Daily Pinterest Page
If you are still confused about it all, check out Ali Edwards- the original December Daily Gal.
Elsie Larson.  I just love this girl to pieces.

If you decide to take part in this December challenge, no matter how large or small you want to do it, PLEASE let me know.  I would love to see your albums, pictures & ideas!!!!

Happy December Memory Making!

Christmas Cheer


It's the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, but in my world, it is CHRISTMAS MUSIC IS FAIR GAME DAY!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas music.  I know people in my life who become tired of it, but not me. I would seriously listen year round, but out of respect, and to keep it special, I reserve Christmas music for post Thanksgiving through December 31.

So I am hear, kicking off the Christmas Music season with a playlist for you.  So if Bing Crosby, Brenda Lee and Coldplay are your cup of tea, then this one will fill your heart with Christmas Cheer!

Be Thankful: A Thanksgiving Playlist


I really do love Thanksgiving.  It is such a beautiful holiday.  We all gather together for the purpose of giving thanks.  It is a time that truly makes my heart swell.  More on that later.

For many of you, Thanksgiving also means hours in the kitchen planning and preparing delicious and perfect dishes to enjoy during the Thanksgiving feast.  If you've ever been to our house while I'm preparing dinner, it is no secret, I love to cook to music.  It is usually cooking with Frank (Frank Sinatra that is) or cooking with Glen (love me some Glen Miller).  But I thought it would be fun to create a little Thanksgiving Playlist to listen to while the bird is being stuffed and the potatoes are being mashed.  Don't all good dance parties happen in the kitchen anyways?  And who knows, maybe we'll even listen to it as background music during dinner Thanksgiving Day!  Happy Thanksgiving Prep Everyone!

God Was At Work


Recently in my life, I've see a lot of miracles.

- My friend's dad had a large lump on his thyroid.  Doctors were certain it was cancer.  Prayers went up. When they went in to do the surgery they found nothing that resembled cancer.  Even after doing a biopsy on the lump he was deemed cancer free.  Doctors were shocked.  Those of us who faithfully prayed knew that God was at work.

- One of my good friends recently had a baby.  There were some medical complications when he was born and the word went out to pray pray pray.  Today he is healthy, happy, and oh so cute!  We knew God was at work.

- At our church's World Market my friend was working with Compassion International in hope of getting children to be sponsored.  Last year her booth was overlooked by many people.  Prayers went up that people would be drawn to her booth with a heart for this ministry and the desire to literally change a child's life for only $38 a month.  I found myself specifically praying that 5 children would be sponsored as a result of this event.  Tonight I got a message the the fifth child had been sponsored and tears of joy streamed down my face because I knew that this was a result of God at work.

I tell you these stories for a reason tonight.  Because sometimes in life we need to be reminded that miracles do happen in our world today.  God is at work.  He is faithful to hear our prayers. He is alive and moving and working.  No prayer is too big for Him.  No prayer too small for Him.  His name is greater than every situation.  Greater than cancer.  Greater than sickness.  Greater than poverty.  Greater than unemployed.  Greater than divorce.  Greater than hate.  Greater than death.

Tonight, I also received another message. One of my dear dear friends, who has been in remission had his cancer return. So I ask you all tonight to please lift up my friend and lift up your own situations to Him, remembering & praising Him for the times He has been faithful, and trusting that He will move and work for the best in every situation.

Cozy Autumn


Hi everyone!  Just stopping in to share some of my favorite little spots in our home this fall.  I noticed this season I was all about finding different ways of bringing the outdoors in.  Sticks, bark, rocks, feathers, plants, flowers.  It all made its way into our house this fall.  Even some insects made it in for the decor party!  The night we brought all of the outdoor plants in to keep them from freezing, we slept to the melodies of the katydids.  

So I hope you enjoy your glimpse into our little home.

Now I'm one of those people who try really really hard to save the Christmas decor and music for after Thanksgiving Day.  Not going to lie, I can't wait to start pulling out the tinsel and lights!  If you follow me on Pinterest you know I've been pinning Christmas like crazy lately.  I'm not even going to apologize, because its probably my favorite board to pin on.  Soon all the Autumn goodies will head back to their box and a new scene will be created in our home!  Our little blog will take on a new scene as well as the Christmas Season approaches.  We have all sorts of fun in store for you, and we can't wait to share!  But until then, soak in these last few days of colorful leaves, pumpkin pies and #psls.  

We All Want To Change the World


We all want to change the world, but doing so begins with changing the lives of a few, which can then grow to many, and soon a revolution is on its way. 

This Friday, at LifeTrack Christian Church we want to begin by helping change the lives of a few in hope that it will soon grow to something so much more by putting on a Fair Trade Market.  Our goal is to offer products that are made in an ethical and fair manner, where the creators of the products have been treated with respect and dignity.  

The market represents 10 different organizations including:

Infinity Water
as well as our very own Sidewalk Cafe

What I love so much about this, is that none of the money comes back to benefit the church or us as individuals.  It is all going back to the organizations to help them continue doing the awesome work that they do!  

Here's a little glimpse into our world market as well as a peek at  some of the fun products we have for sale!  

The booth I am doing is for Hand in Hand Soap.  I fell in love with this organization because the concept is so simple.  People all over the world die simply because they don't have the ability to stop the spread of diseases.  One of the easiest ways to prevent this, is by simply washing your hands with soap and clean water.  When you purchase one bar of soap, Hand in Hand gives a bar of soap and a month of clean water to a child in need.  They have also began bringing permanent solutions to the water crisis by digging clean water wells in countries like Haiti.  I mean how simple is it?  By a bar of soap and literally save a life!  

And that's just my little story.  If you come by the market be sure to ask the person in each booth about the organizations they represent.  The stories are incredible.  How something so simple truly brings a change to people's lives!




And don't forget to stop by our World Market Photo Booth and document all of the fun you have!

We also have an amazing sidewalk cafe with lots of delicious goodies to enjoy and you can take home a bag of fair trade coffee!  

Buy purchasing an item from our market, you will change the life of someone.  The more items purchased, the more lives that are changed.  And who knows...maybe by the end of this weekend, we may change a small bit of this world!

We will see you Friday November 14th
Lifetrack Christian Church
1068 Hwy 69
Frontenac, KS

Christy's November Hello Sailor Picks.


 It is hard to believe November is already here.  I am up here in Kansas City documenting all the goodies arriving in store at Hello Sailor, and am stopping in to give you some of my favorite picks this month.  Like this curved sofa.  Dane and I are still on the search for a sofa for our home.

 City Scape Painting makes me miss you Drew Wutke!
 I love long tables.
 These chairs date back to 1947.

 How adorable are these homemade sock stick horses?
I realize this is simple and easy to create...syrup bottle+rusty nails.  But something about it just registers with me.
I've really been into random industrial pieces off of machines and such.  This is an old wheel of a wheel borrow!
 I've always been a sucker for vintage Christmas.  I can't help but think of John Jensen when I see this.  In fact, I may even pick up the little guy, because I'm pretty sure John has him in his window every single year.  And according to my Christmas Light rating scale for houses...John just does it right.  
Industrial. Check. Wheels. Check.  Little compartments inside to give everything the perfect home...BONUS!

 Ok usually I am not a Santa...Stanta (inside joke)...Satan (thank you church lady) fan.  In fact, tonight I just had a discussion about Santa vomit with a friend on pinterest.  (yes you can have discussions on pinterest)  But something about this jolly vintage version makes it all ok.
 GLOBES!  Thanks to Mama Wutke we've began our collection!
 Someday I want to own a table with leaves.   We love having people over, and I would love to have this little table, that I could easily create into a giant table to accommodate.
And to wrap up November...why not get ready for December?  Silver trees...They have always made my heart smile.

If you would like to see more from Hello Sailor, you should stop by our facebook page.  I'm always putting up new pictures of fabulous items arriving in store.