Thank You Lifetrack


I remember the first time I walked through the front doors at Lifetrack.  The idea that this would one day be our home church wasn't even on Dane or my radar.  At that point and time we were floating between Girard & Clay Center and praying for God to open doors.  Literally, that night, He was opening the front door of the building He would plant us in.

Dane was sitting in on a rehearsal to learn a few tips from the master of sound, Mr. Taylor (seriously he's not going to be happy I have given him that title, but I did, because I believe it is true Mr. T), and I was popping in to say hi.  I remember walking in and thinking, well this place is welcoming and comfortable.

A couple Sundays later Dane & I had the opportunity to attend our first service and be a part of the worship team.  I remember when the moment came in the service for people to greet one another, and I looked around and saw people sincerely hugging, shaking hands, laughing & smiling.  A lot of times these moments in churches can be awkward, but this was different.  There was a genuine sincerity about people.  You could tell everyone cared about each other and they were excited it was Sunday so they could all be together.  I believe that the purpose of the church is to #1 love Jesus & #2 love others.  It was obvious that this was happening here.

So when the opportunity for Dane & I came to do ministry at Lifetrack we were excited to dive in.  Throughout our year here we saw the worship team grow.  We saw people step up into leadership roles,  find freedom in worship, and truly bring glory to God with their talents.  We were pushed- learned to sing with in ears, an MD, and a click track (although I still haven't mastered that one!)  We learned a 15 song set and lead the first ever youth rally at Lifetrack. The team worked hard, showed up for late Thursday night rehearsals & early Sunday morning rehearsals & it was worth it!

And there were other fabulous memories as well!  Leading music at VBS, TRACKER, church picnics, giant water slides, college age (so many memories from college age), fantasy football teams, Christmas Eve, Sunday lunches, candy cane bombing the parking lot, riding out tornado warnings, fair trade market, Telestrations but most importantly the people.

I remember being concerned about being the new kid on the block.  Coming into a small church I figured everyone already had all of the friends they needed.  But we made friends and we made friends fast.  Seriously it has been such a joy to do life with you all.  I don't think we can say thank you enough for welcoming us, loving us, and letting us be part of your church family for a little while.  We love y'all!

One last thing Lifetrack.  Dane & I both believe that your best days are yet to come.  You are doing great things in the communities that surround you.  God is taking ground through you and bringing people through your doors who need Jesus.  Keep pointing them in that direction.  Keep loving one another, continuing to be genuine and real, because you don't find that much in the world today.  Continue to study His word and letting it guide your steps, decisions, words & actions.

We love you Lifetrack and can't say thank you enough!  Now don't forget, if you are ever in KC or ever need someone to join you for a Royals game...we're there!

Much Love,