Date Night Friday: Do You Wanna Build A Snowman


Kansas has dealt us a crazy hand of weather this week.  We've had rain, snow, sunshine, wind, sleet, fog!  Ever since I saw Frozen back in January I have been singing the song "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman," to Dane, and FINALLY we took advantage of the super wet spring snow and built one.  Everyone meet, Jonas (our Swedish friends named him!)

So I know what you're thinking.  Christy, we don't have snow where I am at, how can I make this date work for my life?  Well you can!   Go to the beach and build and sandcastle and if you don't have a beach near by well then go out and build some mud pies, and if you don't have mud, go build with legos. The whole point is, spend some time together creating something fun!  Happy Date Night Everyone!

A Fun Little Quiz


Ever since junior high I have been a big fan of fun quizzes.  Come on ladies, remember those great quizzes from Teen and YM magazine: Are You Guy Obsessed?  Bud or Boyfriend? Are You Too Good for Him?  Man that quiz page was the first one I would flip to in order to figure out my destiny and why JTT or one of the Hanson brothers hadn't recognized me yet!

Even as an adult I find quizzes like this still super fun and thanks to the internet we have them at our fingertips 24/7. So here's the latest quiz I have taken, and its all about discovering your design aesthetic.  Design aesthetic is something that is always evolving in my life so I loved seeing my results, Scandinavian Blog DIY.  Several of the descriptions were exactly on target of how I have always been yet lately I have seen my design aesthetic moving towards minimalist, clean lines, and whites.

I would love to have you take the quiz and learn where your style is at now.  Simply click here and be sure you leave a comment with your score.

Date Night Friday: Feed The Fish


Hi everybody!  Welcome back to date night Friday!  This week Dane and I were asked to house sit for some friends of ours while they were away on Spring Break.  One of our favourite things each day was to feed their fish.

We would feed them, then watch the dynamics of the tank, making up stories about the fish.  Who liked who, who was the alpha male (are there alpha males in fish tanks?) and who was the fatty of the tank?  Watching the fish swim around was also surprisingly calming.  Maybe someday Dane and I will have our own tank of tranquility?

So that got us thinking about dates.  Some of you out there don't have fish to feed, but I can guarantee you that somewhere around you is some form of nature that you can sit back and enjoy.  While in Australia Dane and I would venture down to the lake to feed the ducks.  If we got really lucky we would feed the eels that lived at the bottom of the pond.  This week Dane's dad put fresh feed in the bird feeders and Dane and I sat there and laughed as we watched the birds eat their meal.  And of course you could always feed the squirrels, but I am a firm believer that squirrels are evil, evil creatures, and my proof is right here.  Happy Friday Everyone!