Wonderful Works


I so apologize for not posting a verse for March.  It is not because I haven't been learning one, it is simply because life has been so crazy!   This weekend my parents were down, and my mom said to me, "Christy you haven't posted a verse for March, people are waiting."  So here I am.  Right now I am sitting in a second grade classroom subbing during silent reading, and guess who forgot their silent reading book?  Bad Mrs. Wutke.  But the kids are really into their chapter books, so I figured I could sneak a couple minutes to write to you about March.

Lately, my mind has been quite the battleground.  Satan whispers his lies and more times than I would like to admit, I have listened.  He knows our weak spots and how to attack them.  You know the lies he has told you recently.  Things like:  You aren't good enough. You're fat. You're ugly.  You'll never reach those goals.  People hate being around you.  You are worthless.  You will always be alone.  The list could go on and on because Satan lies to you on a daily basis.  

When we allow these lies to be spoken to us, over time, we begin to believe them.  They begin to affect how we live our lives.  How we treat people.  How we treat ourselves. Our attitudes and how we view our future.  I don't know about you but I am sick of lies having such an impact on my life.  My mind has been a battleground, and I want victory, not defeat.  

Here's the beautiful thing about Jesus, He has already won the battle, and I don't have to fight off the lies alone.  I am going to strap on the belt of truth (Ephesians 6) and fight, with Him leading the charge.  I have found that the most potent way to fight off Satan's lies is by filling my mind with truth.

So this month, my memory verse is found in Psalm 34:1

Instead of allowing my mind to focus on the lies, I will instead fill my mind with praises.  Focusing my mind on all of the good things God has done for me and for you:

He has set me free.  He has given me life.  He loves me where I am at.  He is my overcomer, redeemer, restorer, provider, and friend.  He has given me hope in hopeless situations, shown light onto the paths I am walking.  He hears and answers my prayers.  His name is greater than any other name on this earth and that makes him King yet at the same time  He calls me His daughter and allows me to call him Daddy.  

Man when you start making your list of how good God is and the incredible ways He has worked in your life, you will praise yourself happy!  Suddenly those lies running through your mind will begin to cower at the powerful words of praise for your Lord!  

The chorus of this song has also been my song this month.  When I am struggling, I find me singing it over my life.  I hope this verse and this song will become etched on your heart and that His praises will continuously be on your lips.  

You can get your own 2015 memory verse cards here.  Simply download, print, cut, and tape around your home, office, car, barn, etc.  But I also encourage readers to examine their own lives, see what God is writing on their hearts, and feel free to create your own scripture memory cards.  Thanks for dong this journey with me.
January.  February.  March.