Brock + Brittany


I've been picking up my camera a lot lately and had the chance to do my very first photo shoot with    my brother Brock & his finance Brittany!  Seriously we had so much fun and I learned A LOT.  My absolute favorite pictures are the ones that happened when they weren't even posing, but just interacting with one another and showing true emotion.  Those are the ones that made me step back and say YES!  I look forward to shooting more in the future!

Brock & Brittany, thanks for the opportunity and congrats!  Looking forward to your special day!

Hello KC


I have always loved Kansas City.  There has always been something exciting that stirred inside me each time I was making the trip here, whether it was to see family, shop, go to a concert or a game, this city has always had an allure to this small town girl.  

And now, Dane and I are excited to call this spot home!  We moved to KC at the start of May and since then have hit the ground running, no maybe more like sprinting!  What bring us to this city of fountains?  Well Dane recently took a job as a Video Director at the Rock of KC.  We are super excited to be a part of this church family, look forward to planting ourselves here & letting our roots go down deep.

I feel like there is so much more to stay about how this all came to be- the way God moved, stirred and put His plan in motion, but I much rather have that conversation with you in person, maybe over a cup of coffee, here in my city (my city my treat) until then we'll just leave it at, "Hello Kansas City, it's great to be here and we look forward to the adventures you have in store for us!"