Our Weekend Adventure: The Blue Mountains


Last weekend Dane and I drove up to the Blue Mountains for some hiking.  It was such a good adventure, never knowing was was coming up next.  We wanted to share a few of the moments with you.

The three sisters. 

He was my hiking hero! 

Katoomba Cascades

It was at this moment that I read a sign that said we were in a rain forrest.  I was so excited.  I had never been in a rain forrest before.  Lots of pictures MUST be taken! 

This rock has the silhouette of a human face.   Makes me thing of that game show growing up, Legends of the Hidden Temple.  They should bring that back!

During our hike, we came across a eucalyptus tree.  They harvest these branches and sell them in florist shops for big bucks, but I had never seen one in the wild!

I apologize for the fuzzy bunny picture, but I had to share this.  We were hiking along and I watched this bunny hop out of the bushes, over to a hiker, where she was feeding it berries.  I thought, how do I become that cool with the animals.  Later on in the day, I fed a bird half my sandwich, and it didn't fly away!  

Katoomba Falls.  Such a gorgeous site.  We stopped here and had a picnic right next to it. Then we realized there was more to the falls, so we hike the Furber steps, all the way down to the base.  

Blue mountains, we love you, and will be back for more adventure soon!
Love, The Kids Down Under.

Workout Wednesday: Let's Talk Goals


Hi Everyone!  Christy here.  One of my goals this year is to eat clean in 2013.  Has a nice ring to it don't you think?  There are several reasons for this.  Putting good things into our bodies help them work better for us, we feel better, have more energy, not as many aches and pains, look better, sleep better, poop better.  Yes, everything just works better.

Another reason is I wouldn't mind dropping a few pounds here and there.  So I have decided to start blogging my journey right here with you.  My goal is to come to you each week with a workout Wednesday post.  And this is our first one.  I would love it if you would like to join me, making 2013 the year that we get back on track and feeling healthy again!

Before starting any new journey, I think it is important to set goals.  That way, when the going gets tough, and it is going to get tough, we can keep focus and strive on.

1. Focus on the positives not the negatives:  For a long long time my goals looked like this. "Lose the chub"  A goal like this made me feel horrible about myself.  Now my goals look more like this: "Workout five days a week."  Not only is this goal measurable it is also more positive and productive.

2. Set short term and long term goals:  If your goal is to lose 100 pounds, you are going to feel like you are NEVER going to get there when you start.  I have two lists, short term and long term goals.  The short term goals give me a sense of accomplishment that and are all baby steps towards my long term goal.

3. Accountability:  Share your goals with someone you love, who will be honest with you, and wants you to achieve it as much as you do.  They can encourage you when you want to quit.  Sometimes this is a spouse, a housemate, or even an email friend.  My girl Caylyn and I used to swap food diaries daily via email, just to hold one another accountable, and it worked!

4. Rewards:  You have to reward yourself for your hard work and accomplishment.  One of my rewards recently was potato chips.  I LOVE potato chips, I mean, we are talking eat a bag every single time you go to the grocery store kind of love, but I decided I could only have some if I worked out 5 days a week for a month straight.   Some days I only got out of bed to workout because I knew potato chips were in my future.  The goal was accomplished, and at one month, the potato chips were mine (portion control of course).  So along side my short term and long term goals, I list rewards!

Ok, so get busy making your list of goals and start following them this week!  We are on our way friends,  we are on our way! - Christy

I. And Love. And You.


Hi everyone!  Here to give you our Valentines Day wrap up, a few days late I realize, but we have been spreading the love celebration out over the past few days.  To be honest with you, we work hard to spread the love celebration out 365 days a year.  Of course, some days are a little more magical than others but these couple of days we are sharing with you rank up there!  

My Valentine to Dane.  The lyrics to one of our favorite songs by the Avett Brothers.

Growing up, my family always had the tradition of doing a Valentines dinner by candlelight.  Of course being summer time here in Australia, we wouldn't be eating until 8:30pm if we wanted candle glow only, but we enjoyed talking and taking pictures all the way until the sun went down and the candles were burning low.  

Our menu:  Steak (perfectly cooked by Dane), cheese potatoes, creamed corn, cucumber salad, bread, homemade brownies (Annelle's Super Bowl Brownie recipe which is so perfect, I must share sometime), chocolate ice cream, and fresh strawberries.  Coke for Dane, strawberry lemonade for me.

Then we had some photo fun with props simply made out of cardboard and painted red.  In one picture Dane is holding up a cardboard version of an iphone that one of our dear dear friends gave me to pass on to Dane as his Valentines Day present.  Seriously, God has blessed us with amazing and super generous people here in Australia.  

On Friday night we decided to go out on the town to do a little celebrating.  We enjoyed dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  Yes, we celebrated our last Aussie Valentines Day at an American restaurant.  That's the only place here we can truly capture the taste of home.  We dined on onion blossoms, honey bbq chicken wings, bread with honey butter, free refills of Coke and our awesome waiter surprised us with an ice cream sundae.  (Lucas, you are our favorite waiter!)  After dinner we walked around town, and ended up in a photo booth that didn't work, so we took our own pictures and then watched people play in the fountains.  It was a WONDERFUL celebration.  I hope you all had a good one as well!  

Sending you all much love, The Kids Down Under

Happy Valentines Day!


Just stopping by to wish you all a Happy Valentines Day!  We love you all and want to say thanks for reading the kids down under.  Dane and I are spreading the celebration out over the next couple of days due to our schedule, but we'll be back with a whole love heart post very soon.  As for now, go give someone special a hug, and tell them you love em'

The Kids Down Under

A Little Behind...But Worth Celebrating


Was digging through some shots and had forgotten all about these.  Australia Day!  On January 26th this continent throws a party and of course we had to celebrate.  What made us laugh is we are all Americans, celebrating Autralia day the way we would celebrate July 4th in the states.  Complete with hamburgers, hot chips, fresh squeezed lemonade, fireworks, apple pie and ice cream, Settlers of Catan (my new favorite board game), a trip to the markets, and lots of sunshine.  Oh, by the way, meet Josh and Hannah.  Two of our wonderful friends here is Australia.  I think this is their debut on "The Kids Down Under."  Don't worry, more of them to come :)  - Keep On Celebrating, The Kids Down Under

Most Exciting Blog Post Ever?


Well it will be for some of you. I won't say too much here.  Just let the photos do the talking.  Enjoy!

So yes, Dane finally did it.  He chopped his hair.  Well he didn't.  His good friend Kody did though, and yes, we all love it.  Papa and Mama Wutke, we know you are loving it too!  And now, we will leave you with some extreme before and afters.  Love y'all.  The kids down under.