Get to Know Us

Hi everyone!  Dane and Christy here, just wanting to welcome you to our little blogging home out here on the world wide web.  We got married in October 2011, and three months after, to the day, moved from small town Kansas to Sydney, Australia.  Why such the adventure?  God put on our hearts for Dane to come and study worship at Hillsong College, more specifically electric guitar.  Meanwhile Christy is hard at work each day fulfilling your caffeine needs at a local cafe.  

And here we are, wanting to invite you in on our little adventure, through pictures, video, music and more.  We hope you enjoy!

And now, a few specifics about each of us:

* She talks about poop a lot. But that makes conversation even better
* She loves and adores her family so so much
* She loves organizing and cleaning. Two things that I am most definitely not good at
* One of the most creative persons I have ever met. And I love her so much for that
* Loves lawn gnomes and owls. But mostly owls
* Has an amazing singing voice
* Learned to play guitar so she could lead worship. Ask her about the Gremlin
* An introvert at heart that puts up with my extrovertiness (if that's even a word...)
* Loves to cuddle with just about anything (puppy dogs excluded....)
* Loves her momma's homemade chicken and noodle soup
* Despises my addiction to video games but tolerates it
* Has a love for colors and vintage everything
* Loves fish & chips from California
* Has an incredible heart for injustices in the world
* Loves to see people love God and serve
* Loves surprises
* Would rather receive a trip with friends than any gift. Experiences    >    Gifts
* Loves photography
* Likes simple over elaborate
*  Loves having deep, good conversations with people about life and God.
* Can't sleep without a fan
* Man movies are a no no
* Loves thrift stores and vintage shopping
* If she could bring one KC Royal's player back to KC, it'd be David DeJesus. She's in love with him (after me of course ;)
*Helps me get quiet and appreciate silence and solitude
* Has an amazing taste bud for different foods and recipes.
She loves the little things in life. Christy is an incredible, Godly woman who strives everyday to be the woman God's created her to be. She is my love and the place I feel most at rest. I am so excited to see what life holds for us in life.
- Love Dane

* Has a beard* Really really really wants a puppy.  He has made me a dog person.
* Loves his mama Robin, papa Dave and brother Drew very much
* Listens to music 24/7
* Desires most of all to serve the Lord with his whole heart, soul, mind and strength
* His coffee order is a mocha, but he would much rather drink a Coca Cola.
* Has not cut his hair since we moved to Australia.
* A true people person and can talk to just about anyone
* Says often that his grandma is the best cook he has ever met
* Plays basketball every chance he gets
* Is still undefeated against me in horse, but that will change soon!
* Enjoys manly movies but will put up with my chick flicks
* Plays a Taylor acoustic guitar, and an ESP electric.  Also an amazing drummer and bass player, getting better at piano everyday.
* Favorite websites include craigslist, ebay, and guitar center.  All time there is spent shopping for pedals
* Enjoys traveling
* Current Favorite bands: David Crowder, John Mark McMillan, Hillsong United, Gungor, The Civil Wars, Coldplay, The Killers, Kari Jobe, Phil Wickham, Greg Laswell, Mumford & Sons and a weird obsession with rap music
* Recently developed a love for cucumber salad.  We eat it at least three times a week.
* Prefers chocolate
* Really really really wants a puppy and has made me become a dog person.
* If you were sending him a care package he would prefer gushers, hot tamales, cinnamon jolly ranchers, banana taffy, and super rope
* Talks in his sleep and it usually makes me laugh
* Refuses to share his fish & chips
* Loves the outdoors
* A super fast reader
* Wakes up at 3:00am each Monday morning to watch the Chiefs play.
Dane is one of the most genuine and real people I know.  He is my best friend, someone who I spend hours talking to and yet love to just sit in silence with.  I'm so excited and thankful that God brought him into my life!
- Love Christy
We hope you now have a good picture of who we are and what we're all about!  We look forward to knowing each one of you!  As always, thanks so much for reading!  

The Kids Down Under