A Wedding Story: D + C Coffeehouse


One of my favorite parts of our wedding was the coffeehouse.  I have always loved Coffeehouse ministry, and Dane and I love going on dates to explore different cafes, so we decided to have our own at the wedding.  My dad transformed the garage that was left on the opossum lodge property into a full functioning coffee bar.  Complete with fridge, bar, and electricity to do all of our brewing on site.  Our good friends the Lane's and the Knepper's served as our baristas.  

Our drinks menu included: several blends of coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider, iced tea, lemonade, Italian sodas, and a variety of soft drinks.  We also had party mix for people to enjoy, but that did not last long at all.

What I loved most about the coffeehouse atmosphere was that when people arrived at our wedding they would go get drinks and then did what a good coffeehouse leads people to do, mingle and have conversation.  So when arriving at our wedding, instead of sitting quietly in your seats waiting for the festivities start, the party was already in full swing, which made for an incredible atmosphere during the ceremony.  I know I'm always happy when I have a drink in hand, aren't you?

The Kids Down Under

Photo one and two courtesy of Stephanie Schwarm.  Photo three courtesy of miss Jaydinn.

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