Curl Curl Snapshots


I used to daydream about living close enough to a beach that I could visit whenever I wanted.  I never thought this would be much more than a dream, but here I am, living in Australia, where some of the world's most beautiful beaches are at my fingertips.

We spent some time at Curl Curl beach last weekend.  It was such a good little get away for us.  The water is still quite cold, but that didn't keep Dane from braving the frigid temperatures and sharks (just kidding mamas....sort of).

Speaking of beaches and oceans, Dane and I find ourselves watching the Little Mermaid tonight.  Dane is working hard on a song write assessment that involves writing a new song for the Little Mermaid.  Maybe, if you are lucky, he will share that one with you all!

Well we're off, to a land where the seaweed is greener, and such wonderful things surround you!

Love Always,
The Kids Down Under

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