Road Trip


This past weekend was the first public holiday Australia has seen in quite some time, so we decided to take Ronnie (our car) and Duke (our owl) out for a little family road trip.  Our destination, Holiday Park near Toukly, Australia.  Once we arrived to our destination, we met up with our friends Gav, Monique, Mark, and Marcee, and stayed in a caravan named "Don's Hootchie."  You know it is going to be a good weekend when you are staying in a place named "Don's Hootchie."

Our Road Trip Soundtrack included The Killers new album "Battleborn," Mumford and Sons new album "Babel," Coldplay's "Viva La Vida," The Civil Wars (aren't you just so excited they are back in the studio) and some old school hip hop here and there.  

We had a major Aussie BBQ.  Of course any Aussie BBQ would not be complete without sasuages.

Part of the park had this air bubble we affectionately called "the blob."  We had so much fun jumping on this throughout our stay.  I loved how our faces would light up and you would hear squeals of joy as we ran around like little kids on a huge cushion of air.

Part of our weekend adventure was visiting Hunter Valley, also known as wine country.  The place was just gorgeous.  I had never seen vineyards where the grapes grew like this before.  

At one point during our drive, the car we were following pulled over and in front of me was an open field with hundreds of wild kangaroos.  This was the first time I have seen kangaroos in the wild here in Australia.  Only the second time in my life to actually see a kangaroo.  They would come right up to you.  Sadly, Dane and I never got to touch them, but our friends did!  We have been promised a return trip so we can actually pet these amazing creatures!

Our camp site was only a 10 minute drive from the ocean, so we took advantage.  Never miss an opportunity to hear the ocean sing!  

Overall we had such a great weekend!  I am so thankful for all of the friends God has put into our lives here in Australia.  It is such a joy to do life with each and every one of you!

This weekend, Dane and I are out and about celebrating our one year wedding anniversary.  More on that adventure next time!

Love Always,
The Kids Down Under