A Night to Remember


We spent our last night of 2012 in Australia with some of our dear friends at the Hillsong International Leadership College graduation dinner.  It was a wonderful night, we enjoyed some of the most delicious food, dancing, laughter, beautiful dresses, handsome gentlemen, all at a waterside party.  We are truly blessed.

We are now in the great USA, spending this week in Girard with the family.  We've enjoyed Grandma Nellie's Sunday Dinner, viewed Grandma Anna Mae's amazing watercolor and awesome owl collection, went to church with Grannie Coleen, sang some Christmas songs, watched a lot of NFL, worked on overcoming jet lag, ate pizza with the Taylors, received hugs from Aunt Judy, took in Papa Dave's Christmas lights display, and made bracelets for Mama Robin's Wednesday night class.  Much more to come as well!  

We love you all,
The Kids Down Under

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