No Place Like Home.


We have been so blessed to spend the past six weeks in the United States.  Our time was filled with family, friends, treats, laughs, memories and much more.  So we are stopping in today, to share some of the moments from the past six weeks with you.

 1. Almost home.  2. Suitcases.  3. Dane's first Coke on the plane.  4.  We made it home!  5.  Brock & Dane's night one jam session.

 1.  Shopping.  2.  Grandma Nellie braids Dane's mane.  3. Love this star.  4. Aunt Judy.  5.  Grandma Anna Mae visit.

1.They just made me smile. 2. Christmas lights. 3.Born is the King of Israel.  4.Girls weekend!  5.Velvet Quilts

1. Double Dates.  2.  Dixie.  3.  Green Tea with these two.  4.  Sweet Potato Rolls.

 1. Ashlyn's messages made me smile all of the time in Australia, so glad to hang out in person. 2. Estate sale shopping got a bit out of hand.  3. Vintage ornaments.  4. Entrepreneurs.  5. Gnomes.

 1. A night with our good friends Abandon Kansas.  2. 320 degrees for hard candy.  3.  It will take your breath away.  4. Story Time.  5. Haevyn.  6. Sisters.  7.  Wanting This.

 1. John's Place.  2. Christmas Competition.  3. Tag You're It.  4. Blue Chandelier. 

 1. Dixie Cuddles.  2. Downtown CC  3. Brittany's first Christmas Cookies.  4. Gift Wrap. 5. Family Photo.  6. Beb Tree

1. The Reason.  2. Dad & Mom.  3. The bestest owl clock in the world.  4. Baby Ashlyn.

1. The Weller's win big on New Year's Eve.  2. RIP Cougar.  3. My glasses from preschool.  4. Snagging some great vintage jewelry.  5. Happy Birthday Aunt C. 6. A new tradition.

1. Cupcakes in KC.  2. Family Photos. 3. Lil' Sebastian in Girard.  4. Snowfall.  5. Dave, the proud chef. 6. Catalpa Street. 7. No place like home.  8. Happy 2013 everyone, love the kids down under.


  1. #5 Just makes me think of Joe. :)

  2. i must ask, who is joe. am i way out of this loop? :)

  3. i must ask, who is joe. am i way out of this loop? :)