A Little Behind...But Worth Celebrating


Was digging through some shots and had forgotten all about these.  Australia Day!  On January 26th this continent throws a party and of course we had to celebrate.  What made us laugh is we are all Americans, celebrating Autralia day the way we would celebrate July 4th in the states.  Complete with hamburgers, hot chips, fresh squeezed lemonade, fireworks, apple pie and ice cream, Settlers of Catan (my new favorite board game), a trip to the markets, and lots of sunshine.  Oh, by the way, meet Josh and Hannah.  Two of our wonderful friends here is Australia.  I think this is their debut on "The Kids Down Under."  Don't worry, more of them to come :)  - Keep On Celebrating, The Kids Down Under


  1. We had quite the celebration in Clay on the 26th also! Glad we all had something to celebrate!

  2. Amen girlie! Amen! You anniversary will also be Australia Day!