I. And Love. And You.


Hi everyone!  Here to give you our Valentines Day wrap up, a few days late I realize, but we have been spreading the love celebration out over the past few days.  To be honest with you, we work hard to spread the love celebration out 365 days a year.  Of course, some days are a little more magical than others but these couple of days we are sharing with you rank up there!  

My Valentine to Dane.  The lyrics to one of our favorite songs by the Avett Brothers.

Growing up, my family always had the tradition of doing a Valentines dinner by candlelight.  Of course being summer time here in Australia, we wouldn't be eating until 8:30pm if we wanted candle glow only, but we enjoyed talking and taking pictures all the way until the sun went down and the candles were burning low.  

Our menu:  Steak (perfectly cooked by Dane), cheese potatoes, creamed corn, cucumber salad, bread, homemade brownies (Annelle's Super Bowl Brownie recipe which is so perfect, I must share sometime), chocolate ice cream, and fresh strawberries.  Coke for Dane, strawberry lemonade for me.

Then we had some photo fun with props simply made out of cardboard and painted red.  In one picture Dane is holding up a cardboard version of an iphone that one of our dear dear friends gave me to pass on to Dane as his Valentines Day present.  Seriously, God has blessed us with amazing and super generous people here in Australia.  

On Friday night we decided to go out on the town to do a little celebrating.  We enjoyed dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  Yes, we celebrated our last Aussie Valentines Day at an American restaurant.  That's the only place here we can truly capture the taste of home.  We dined on onion blossoms, honey bbq chicken wings, bread with honey butter, free refills of Coke and our awesome waiter surprised us with an ice cream sundae.  (Lucas, you are our favorite waiter!)  After dinner we walked around town, and ended up in a photo booth that didn't work, so we took our own pictures and then watched people play in the fountains.  It was a WONDERFUL celebration.  I hope you all had a good one as well!  

Sending you all much love, The Kids Down Under

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