I have experienced two miracles today!  Today we had two of the prayers for healing that we have been diligently lifting up in faith answered by our great God.  Many of you know I have had two cousins, both babies, who have experienced health complications in the past two months and many of you joined with Dane and I in prayer for them.  So it is time for the praise reports!

Miracle number one:  Saydee, who was born 2 months premature went home from the hospital today!  There for a while it seemed all odds were stacked against her, but we serve a God who's name is bigger and greater, and He healed that little babies body!  I was so excited to receive the picture via text message of "Saydee's first car ride."  

Miracle number two:  My cousin Haevyn received the heart she needed in order to live.  We weren't sure how long she would have to be on the wait list, but today, the family received a call.  The heart was good, the transplant has happened, the heart began beating anew inside her precious little body.  We serve a God who has a master plan and it is all in His hands.  

God we give you all of the glory for the miracle of life you bestowed upon Saydee and Haevyn.  Tonight, I just feel like I cannot sing praises loud enough.  

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