Workout Wednesday: Only 15 Minutes


Welcome to another Workout Wednesday post.  I have been a bit absent from these posts because for the past 30 days I have been trying out a workout for you all.  It's called the Shaun T Miracle 15 Minute Workout from the Dr. Oz show.

I saw this workout floating around in Pinterest land, and I know what many of you workout junkies are thinking, 15 minutes?  yeah right!  My thoughts exactly, but I was becoming a bit tired of the workouts I was doing, and decided, hey why not?  And guess what.  I LOVED IT!  This exactly 15 minutes, so seriously there are no excuses to skip it.  We can all drag ourselves out of bed 15 minutes earlier, or squeeze in 15 minutes after we get home from work.  What I love most about it, is in these 15 minutes, you will huff and puff, you will sweat, you will feel results, and after it is all done, you will feel better.  15 minutes includes the warm up, stretch, workout, and a bit of a cool down (although I usually stretch a bit more after its over, just because I like stretching).

And the results?  Well yes, I have been doing this for 30 days, and I'm not going to say I have the best body of my life.  But I did see results, especially in my butt and legs.  AND...the jeans that didn't fit me 30 days ago are fitting today, although I found that they had a big rip down the front of them, not sure how or when that happened, but I must have been giving someone a show without realizing it.  Anyways, yes, I think it is a winner.  It is going to remain a part of my life.

Click here to start your 15 minute workout!

I will say this, day one, I could barely finish, and I would consider myself in decent shape.  So if you are just starting, and haven't been working out in quite a while, well work your way up to the full 15 minutes.  Every little bit you do each day is better than doing nothing. Now, by day 30, although I am still dying, I am trucking along, sometimes I even cheer Dr. Oz on, because he is dying by the end as well!

So I hope this post encourages you.  If not to try this workout, but something else.  All I am asking for is 15 minutes of your time: 15 minutes of walking, 15 minutes of running, 15 minutes of abs, 15 minutes of stretching, just start something to get on your way to a healthier body.  I promise, in the long run, your body will thank you.

And I leave you with this thought, because in workout world, we all need something to make us laugh (hey laughing burns calories people!  love you all, Christy

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