This past weekend was one big adventure.  Our friends Gav and Monique treated us to a day at a wildlife park right outside Sydney.  As we journeyed through the day I continuously found myself saying "this is my new favorite animal, no, now this one, now this one."  

We began with boomerang throwing lessons.  Monique and I had a go.  I think our boomerangs actually crashed into one another at some point.  Dane and Gav were really good.  They actually got theirs to begin the curve back towards them.  Thanks to our friends we now have our own boomerang to practice with.  We are going to master this art I tell ya!

The kangaroos and emus roam wild and free at the park.  Although we have had many meetings with kangaroos since arriving in the land down under, we have actually never touched one, and we really really wanted to.  They are so much softer than expected.

Then we hung out with some dingos.  They do not roam wild and free here.  Dingos are beautiful creatures but can be quite vicious and like to hunt just for the fun of it.  The are incredibly strong pups.  

The kookaburra  is my new favorite bird.  They are so cute and fluffy.  I really wish there wasn't a fence standing between us so I could truly show you its beauty.

And then we came to the koalas.  I tell you, I have been dying to get my hands on one of these fuzzy wuzzy creatures.  Although they aren't as fuzzy wuzzy as you think.  Their fur feels a lot like a man's beard.  We should know right?  Their hearts are super tiny so they easily become over stressed which is the reason why we didn't get to hold one.  But I am quite satisfied with my koala pat (that's right, pat not pet).

There was a barnyard pat and feed zoo.  The goats here were out of control (I love the pure joy on Monique's face.  The chickens were super fluffy and I wanted one to take home, of course.

After the animals we went on a bit of a walkabout to see some Aboriginal sights and learn about bush medicine.

We actually ate the sweet syrup that comes out of these flowers, used a plant as a hair brush, and even learned a natural way to open up your sinuses using a Sydney Mint Plant.  This was the coolest bush walk I have ever been on.

Our night ended at the Pie Tin in Newtown.  I was craving me some American Pumpkin Pie.  Not going to lie, it was the best pumpkin pie I have eaten in my life.  I apologize right now to all of my aunts, cousins, grandmothers and mom who have made some pretty incredible pumpkin pies, but none of you have ever drizzled caramel over the top of it.  It is the way to go.  Dane went for the Oreo pie, also insanely delicious.

We also enjoyed savory pies.  Meat pies are the thing to eat here.  I had BBQ brisket with mushrooms.  Dane had creamy chicken and leak.  Gav and Monique had pulled pork and apple. Wondering what the green stuff is on my plate?  Mushy peas.  One of my new favorite sides.  I need to make this for you all someday!

Thanks for joining us for our weekend adventures.  Love you all!  The Kids Down Under

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