Weekends Are For....German Food


We had the most amazing weekend with our friends Gav and Monique.  They took us to the Bavarian Bier Cafe where we had our fill of Oktoberfest.  Following Monique's recommendation I had the pork knuckle which is oh so finger lickin' good and covered in crackle (oh Australia thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of crackle).  Cool thing about the Cafe, it exists in an old renovated church and includes balcony seating.  The conversation was jolly, the food was delicious and the night was memorable.

Favourite story of the night.  We rode in a taxi, our very first taxi.  While riding I started smelling something, yeah you know.  Immediately I was pinning it on Dane, but he was very clear that if he had the courage to let it rumble in a taxi, he would claim it.  After passing the blame amongst ourselves, we came to realize it was the takeaway container of sour kraut.  Oh you Germans, you are so cheeky.

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