Wrapping Up Christmas Eve


It's Christmas Eve, and chances are, a lot of you are trying to finish up some last minute shopping, baking, cleaning, or decorating.  As for me, it never fails, I always find myself wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve.  If you are like me, then today is the day for you here on our blog!  Today I have two Christmas posts for you, all about gift wrap.

Now I am sure a lot of you are awesome gift wrappers, but I have never been good at it.  Surprisingly, my brother, Brock, is the best gift wrapper I know, and he is stopping in today to give us a very simple, but important lesson on how to wrap a gift.

Hi, my name is Brock, and I am here to teach you gift wrapping 101.  I have two rules in gift wrap.
1. You only need three pieces of tape.
2. If it ain't tight, it ain't right.

Let's get started!

First thing you need to do is measure the paper.  Having the right amount of paper is what keeps the wrap job tight.  Keep the paper tight to the box on your top edge and bring it over next to the side of the roll.

Now bring the roll up on the side and add an extra inch.

Cut down this line.  I really prefer wrapping with paper that has grid lines, you can find this type of paper at Hobby Lobby.

Now you need to measure the correct distance going the other way.  Bring one end up just a little over half way.  Measure the same distance on the other side and cut along that line.

You should now have the perfect amount of paper.  Bring the long ends across the box and tape (that's one piece of tape).

Now crease the ends.  Make the creases on your ends as tight as possible.  Bring the bottom flap up, then cover it with the top flap and tape (that's tape piece number two).  And repeat on the other side.  (and that is tape piece number three).

There you have it, a perfectly wrapped present, also a blank canvas for you to add fun bows or embellishments to.  Stop in later this afternoon for all the fancy stuff via my sister.  Thanks for reading today!  +Brock

Thanks so much for your gift wrapping lessons Brock!  I did my best to follow your rules when wrapping your gift.  Can't wait for you to see it Christmas morning and see what a good job I did!  Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!  Will be back later this afternoon with a little pretty you can add to your perfectly wrapped packages ♥  Christy

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