Date Night Friday: The Road Trip Date


Dane and I have been talking a lot about what we would like 2014 to look like for us and one of our goals is to be more intentional about spending quality time together.  Emphasis on the word quality.  So we decided to try our best to have a weekly date night.  Since we are on a very small budget, just like most newly married couples, we will keep these date nights as low cost as possible.  What goes along with low cost....creativity!

This week our date night was more like a date day.  Dane and I love taking road trips together, and lately we are traveling around meeting with pastors and seeking jobs.  All those miles have provided us with great opportunities to talk because there is no distractions.   Topics as of lately have been hopes and dreams, what we look forward to in 2014, and a massive brain storm session of more date nights!

So what makes a good road trip?    The ABC game which I am sure many of you are familiar with.  We love making lists while we drive.  Good list topics are top 10 places to travel, top 10 places to eat at, and our topic this trip was top 10 road trip albums.  And our latest road trip entertainment, reading books to one another.  We've read the Hunger Games, marriage books, and our current read is Tina Fey's autobiography Bossy Pants.

Don't forget the road trip food.  We always have some sort of cinnamon candy in the car with us, usually hot tamales but lately we are in love with cinnamon jelly hearts...thank you Valentines Day candy section at Walmart.  Dane loves gushers and I love M&M's (any flavour).

Our road trip this week took us to Wichita, KS and Kansas City, KS.  While there we caught up with friends and family, had conversations with pastors in the area, drank some coffee at cafes, and visited Hat Man Jacks!

Hope you'll join us again next week for Date Night Friday.  We would love to hear what some of your favourite affordable date nights are, so leave us a comment.  Maybe some week we will feature your affordable date night here!    D+C

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