Date Night Friday: Thrift Store



Our date night adventures took us to one of our favourite locations ever....the thrift store.  I mean where else can you walk out with a load of stuff for $1.50 (that's how much our goodies cost us).

Thrift stores are like a surprise treasure hunt for us.  Sometimes you cash in and sometimes you don't.  We have several items on our "most wanted" list and when you find one of those at a bargain price it is a euphoric high.  Today was one of those days, because there on the shelf was a vintage brandy decanter.  A decanter hasn't been on our list for very long, but it was sure fun to find one so quickly!

Many of you know I have quite the owl collection but another animal I like to hunt for is glass deer and so of course this little Bambi was coming home with me.

The exciting find of the day was adding the 1980's version of Risk to our board game collection.  We have a soft spot in our hearts for vintage board games and when the ladies who ran the shop figured this out, they allowed us to go down to their inventory room and check out all the other board games they had in stock.  We almost picked up the game Labyrinth but passed when we realized it was missing too many pieces to play.

To keep this date within our budget Dane and I give ourselves a $10 limit to spend.  That makes it $5 a piece or sometimes we pool our money together to get something large and in charge and AWESOME!

And there you have it, another affordable date to add to your list!  Enjoy!  D+C

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