Loving the Season You're In


Here in Kansas we find ourselves in the dead of winter, and its not just any winter, one of the worst winters we've had in several years.  Currently I am surrounded by 12 inches of snow, a below negative windchill, and more of that in the forecast.  Ugh, it is really easy to get bogged down in the middle of winter.  You know the doldrums of winter are kind of like life.

How much time do we spend in life wishing and hoping for the next season.  You are single and you can't wait to be married.  You are engaged and you can't wait for your wedding day.  You are married and can't wait to have kids.  You have kids and you can't wait for the time you get a full nights sleep again.  You are in college and can't wait until you enter the work force and make money.  You are working an entry level job and you can't wait until the day you have an office with a window.  You are in your office with a window and you can't wait until the day you can take a vacation.

Right now Dane and I find ourselves in the "we are unemployed and living in our parents' houses" season.  (Thanks so much to our parents for being so gracious and generous to us).  It is so easy for me to focus on the "I can't wait for the day when we are making money, have our own place, and can afford health insurance."  But I find that continuously focusing on this causes me to miss all the great moments happening around me right now.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says to "give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."  I think this verse gives the us the secret of embracing the season we are in.  Thanksgiving.  When we focus on all of the good that God has poured out on us, our hearts become set on things above.  And setting our hearts and minds on things above will bring us the peace of Christ (Phil 4:18-19).  

So instead of fighting it, I have decided to give thanks for the season we find ourselves in and embrace it.  How are we embracing it?  Well this season has allowed Dane and I to spend a lot more time together, talking about our hopes and dreams and just getting to know about each other (that might be weird to say after knowing each other for five years but I hope I always find something new about my husband).  I have time try new recipes for dinner, go lend people a helping hand when they call, create, and work on my photography and styling skills.  Dane has had the time to learn new songs on his guitar, write music, catch up with old friends, and begin a new workout program.

Each night before I got to sleep I create a blessings list.  It only takes about a minute, and all I do is list five blessings from my day.  A counselor once told me to do this, and it truly is a way to end my day focused on all the good God has given me, which almost always  leads my mind to a peaceful nights sleep and contentment in my heart.

So I just want to challenge you all out there to embrace the season you find yourself in right now.  Give thanks for all the blessings God has brought in your life and may His peace fill your hearts as you continue to pursue Him.

Now for those of you who still can't figure out how to embrace this winter cold, let me offer you some suggestions.   Make hearty stew, play board games all day with your friends and family, curl up under the blankets and read a good book, get caught up on those Downton Abbey episodes, make snow ice cream, have your entire family home for a snow day, build a snowman, go sledding, clean your rugs in the snow, sit in a hot tub while white confetti continuously falls around you, write a letter to a long lost friend, or begin a new hobby.

Happy Winter Everyone!  

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