Somethings: Edition One


Welcome to a new weekend feature here at the Kids Down Under titled "Somethings."  Most of us spend our weekends running here and there, but this post is for some of those quiet moments that come along.  Each weekend it will feature links that you can create, indulge in, dance to, encourage your heart and make you smile.  I hope each link is like a little wonderful surprise waiting for you on the other side.

Something to Create: These Concrete Counter Tops at A Beautiful Mess are simply amazing and a must try in my future house.

Something to Encourage: My friend Jessisca's blog post about faith.

Something to Inspire: Beautiful Winter.  Yes I said beautiful.

Something to Dance To: Beyonce's XO.  I can't get enough of this song or this video.  Reminds me of summer nights at the county fair.  

Something to Indulge In: Ok so I know I promised a link but this is seriously the most delicious tomato soup I have ever ate and the simplest I have ever made.  Win Win don't you agree?  My Aunt Anne first introduced this to me, and it is a must try, especially on one of these cold winter nights.

Happy Weekend Everyone!  

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