Christy's August Hello Sailor Picks


So some of you already know this, but I work at this really really cool place in Kansas City called Hello Sailor.  3 days a month they open their doors and share amazing vintage/antique goods, inspiration, and lots of fun with the world.  I do their social media and graphic design work, which also means I go over pretty much everything in the store with a fine tooth comb.  I always walk away in love with so many items.  Many of the items I am in love with we don't share on our social media sites, but I thought this would be a fun space to share all of my little Hello Sailor crushes.  

 We are in need of a really cool sofa in our house.  I'm hoping for something white or yellow, but this chaise would be super fun!
 Bike Crushes...Always and Forever.
 I'm a sucker for anything cubby!
 Most creative display I've seen in a while.  Gotta get your hands on some of these juggling pins.
 I would like to own 100's of these little pokey things (someone please help me with their real name!)
 I've been on the lookout for a fantastic round mirror for a while now.  I think the etching on this one is beautiful.'s kinda been my thing lately.
 And these are blowing up all over pinterest!  I swear every house pin i have put up lately has had one.
 How can I not be in love with this. 
 This drafting table stole my heart!  I know the perfect spot in my little house for it!
 This pic is more for Dane.  Someday we'll find one to hang in his studio space. 
And who doesn't love a fabulous chandelier.  This is my favorite in the entire store.

You can see more from Hello Sailor.  Just pop over to their facebook page, the blog at or follow us on instagram: hellosailorkc.  

Ok, now, I need to get back to shopping!!!!!


  1. Christy, glad to see you are blogging again. I always enjoy following your lives. Are you still art journaling? I think the little pokey things are called frogs. My mom used to have some, but not having creative vision, I threw them out!

  2. Yes yea yes! I still love art journaling and hope to get some posts if my latest up real soon! Maybe even a few DIY posts to help people get started. So keep posted!!! Frogs....thank you!!! Now do you know their original use? I like sticking pictures and momentos in them for display.

  3. Frogs are what florists used to use before florists Styrofoam. Would love to see you post about your art journaling sometime.