A Wedding Story: The Feast


Our wedding was completely DIY, that included the food, and we all know how much Dane and I love food!  A traditional wedding feast was not what Dane and I were wanting because everyone has been to those weddings, plus we wanted each aspect of our wedding to communicate who Dane and I were. So we decided to go for a Mexican theme of tacos, chips and salsa, and all of the fixings.  My mama makes the best tacos in the world, so she did the meat, we were able to buy a lot of the toppings at Sams Club and Aldi, and the chips and salsa came from El Puerto, Dane and my favorite Mexican restaurant.  

I am all about the details (there is a whole detail wedding post coming up), so I was even picky about the table service.  We used a variety of glass plates thad we had collected from friends, family, and the school.  Our silverware was actually wooden forks we ordered online.  They are the coolest forks I have ever eaten off of.  I first discovered these adorable wooden forks when Dane and I got engaged.  That is what we used to eat our cupcakes with at Red Velvet.  

For dessert, we decided to have a dessert bar complete with five different flavors of cupcakes all made by my mama, Aunt Carolyn, and frosting (the best part) by me.  We also had homemade chocolate chip cookies, little piece of heaven bars made by my lovely friend Cindy, Peanut Butter bars (thanks mom!), chocolate truffles by my Aunt Anne, and cream cheese wedding mints made by the Schreefer side of the family.  Dane and I still wanted to have a cake cutting moment, so we had Kathlene Bowman make our cake.  I'm not kidding, she makes the best cake in the world.  The inspiration for the cake came from images on pinterest, and instead of the traditional bride and groom on top, it had to be owls!  Dane and I used the same knife my parents used to cut our wedding cake.  

We wanted our cake table to look very earthy, so my Uncle Arlan cut stumps for the different goodies to be placed on.  It was a really neat way to add height to the table.  And the cupcake toppers were inspired by the heart on our save the dates and wedding invites.  They are none other than brown kraft paper cut out with coffee straws as a base.  The cake plates were all pieces from friends and family collections, and the plate that our wedding cake sat on was a shower gift from my aunt.  The cupcake holders matched our wedding colors perfectly and were found at Michael's in the dollar bins.  We had amazingly cute owl napkins and the table was covered in wildflowers in random vases.  I just loved our dessert table, it was simply delicious to the taste buds and some lovely eye candy!

Our toast was done with none other than Dr. Pepper and Cocoa Cola in glass bottles.  Dane and my favorite drinks!  

I just loved the food at our wedding!  I am so thankful to the great kitchen crew, bakers, chefs, and dessert table attendees for keeping everything looking and tasting so wonderful!  We love you all!  

Coming up tomorrow, our big exciting announcement that we promised you all!  So be sure to come back soon!

The Kids Down Under

The pictures above were taken by the lovely and wonderful Stephanie from Brown Bag Photography.  Check out more of her work here.

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