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One of the cool things about getting married is that you start your own little family.  Dane and I have both brought traditions from our families into our new family, but we wanted to create a few of our own as well.

We have a couple traditions that involve our anniversary.  One we started last year on our wedding day.  Dane and I have committed to writing each other a letter on our anniversary every year.  I now have two of these very special letters from Dane and will treasure them forever.

The other tradition we decided to start was that we will have two celebrations.  We agreed that each year we will celebrate just the two of us by going out and doing something we love to do.  This year was our beach/cafe/ikea/thrift store date.  We will also have a time to celebrate with a home cooked family meal.  Someday, when we have kids, they will get to be a part of this celebration as well.  We hope to teach them that marriage is something to celebrate, treasure, and value.

This year we enjoyed our meal in our bedroom because it was too cold to sit out on the patio.

The Menu: Steak, baked potatoes, special bread from Parklea Markets that we have dubbed "Grandma Wutke's bread, creamed corn, cucumber salad (Dane's new favorite), chocolate cake with fudgey icing, and strawberries. To drink, none other than the beverages we toasted with one year ago, Dr. Pepper and Cocoa Cola.

We would love to hear from you!  What traditions have you started in your family that you treasure?

The Kids Down Under

A few ridiculous Anniversary Dinner Out Takes:

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