A Wedding Story: Our Style


Welcome to the first chapter in our wedding story posts.  Today we are focusing on our style.

I had dreams of finding a vintage dress in a thrift store for $3.00.  I wanted lace and a timeless feel to the piece.  Although I shopped many second hand shops, my thrift store dreams did not come true.  I found my dress at David's Bridal.  It was the first one I had picked in my online pre-shop, it was the first one I saw when I walked into the store, and it was the first one I picked in the magazine I was flipping through.  I didn't realize all of these firsts had lined up until my consultant told me.  So of course, it needed to be the first one I tried on.  I absolutely loved the lace, and what completely sold me on it was the cute little train.  I could picture walking through the grass at opossum lodge and having that adorable train dancing along behind me.  I loved it!  My veil was a head piece purchased at Charming Charlies, and my cousin Ashley added the veil "birdcage" piece on herself.  I wore the veil during the ceremony, and took it off for the party.  

Dane wanted to have a relaxed but still dressed up feel.  We bought his kakhis from Urban Outfitters, his top from Gap and chocolate colored suspenders from an online store.  We searched ages for a chocolate colored bow tie, but never found one. While vacationing in Iowa, my Aunt Anne offered to sew him one, and viola.  I just loved the look, and Dane still wears all of the pieces in our everyday life.  I love when he wears one of the pieces because it takes me back to our special day. 

Typical bridesmaid dresses were just too matchy-matchy for me, but I was still wanting some unity.  Our friend Christie sewed these cute dresses up for us.  Mom and I found the fabric on fabric.com and the pattern was found online as well.  All of the dresses have a chocolate colored trim .  The girls wore brown ballet flats.

The groomsmen all wore their own kakhis and white shirts.  We provided Toms shoes in burlap and chocolate suspenders for them.

And of course, I love my shoes, so these were important to me!  Dane wore burlap Toms.  If you don't know about Toms shoes, when you buy a pair, they give a pair of shoes to a child in another country that doesn't own a pair.  What a cool ministry huh?  I wore satin yellow ballet flats with bows.  This is my favorite color and was found in many aspects of our wedding.

As for the details, my hair was done my my lovely friend Jenna, nails by my friend Christie, make up by my childhood friend Lisa (she used to do my make up all the time as a kid, so it was only appropriate that she do it for my special day), and the only jewelry I wore were thrifted earrings that were little white roses that dropped from a gold tear drop stud.  

So there you have it, a little wedding fashion show for you all!  Hope you enjoyed.  We'll be back later this week with more glimpses into our special day.

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