And All The Kids They Dance


Back in June, Dane received Coldplay tickets for his birthday.  Ever since then we have been eagerly anticipating November 18th.  Apparently, Coldplay tickets are a really good birthday present, because our friend Mathilda got them for her husband Jonas as well.  And so, the Americans and the Swedes traveled together to enjoy a day in the city and an evening of great music.

The last time Dane and I saw Coldplay, well we weren't dating.  We might have rode together, but we sure didn't sit together.  Brock, Ian and I enjoyed the show from the very back row of the colosseum, and Dane with his friend Kaleb had a seat upgrade down one row away from the floor.  The whole concert I could see Dane, and kept thinking, I wish I was getting to have this experience with him.  Finally, three and a half years later, we had our chance.

When you walked in, they handed everyone out wristband and told you to put them on.  They would become a part of the show.

When Coldplay took the stage, this happened!  It was a spectacular site, everyone glowing.  The band would blink and flash along with the music.  It was so clever!  

Of course, my band didn't work.  Dane gave me his.  Now that is love people!  

I had to include this picture.  All of the stuff swirling in the air is not bugs, but confetti.  The wind was swirling so hard, it was coming up clear to the top of the stadium and slapping us in the face.  I felt like I was in a giant snow globe.

It was one amazing night!

The Kids Down Under

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