Time Travel Playlist


Did you know that we are going to experience time travel today? Yes, we take off from Sydney on Friday November 30th at 3:00pm, and will the take off again from LAX on Friday November 30th at 3:00pm. The international date line makes me giggle really.So yeah, we will be home for six weeks and are so looking forward to seeing all of our USA friends, eating the food, drinking the Dr. Pepper, sleeping in the comfy beds, and talking until wee hours of the night. We are about to embark on a super long flight and know that many of you are eagerly waiting on the other end with hugs (and Dr. Pepper...bless you...bless you). While you wait (and we experience this crazy weird time warp) we thought you might enjoy a few tunes

 Home Sweet Home by Christy Wutke on Grooveshark

 See You Soon!
The Kids Down Under

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