Our Weekend Adventure: The Blue Mountains


Last weekend Dane and I drove up to the Blue Mountains for some hiking.  It was such a good adventure, never knowing was was coming up next.  We wanted to share a few of the moments with you.

The three sisters. 

He was my hiking hero! 

Katoomba Cascades

It was at this moment that I read a sign that said we were in a rain forrest.  I was so excited.  I had never been in a rain forrest before.  Lots of pictures MUST be taken! 

This rock has the silhouette of a human face.   Makes me thing of that game show growing up, Legends of the Hidden Temple.  They should bring that back!

During our hike, we came across a eucalyptus tree.  They harvest these branches and sell them in florist shops for big bucks, but I had never seen one in the wild!

I apologize for the fuzzy bunny picture, but I had to share this.  We were hiking along and I watched this bunny hop out of the bushes, over to a hiker, where she was feeding it berries.  I thought, how do I become that cool with the animals.  Later on in the day, I fed a bird half my sandwich, and it didn't fly away!  

Katoomba Falls.  Such a gorgeous site.  We stopped here and had a picnic right next to it. Then we realized there was more to the falls, so we hike the Furber steps, all the way down to the base.  

Blue mountains, we love you, and will be back for more adventure soon!
Love, The Kids Down Under.

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