Things I Love: March


Christy here today to share with you some of the things I am loving right now:

This gorgeous print by Ana Victoria Calderon available on etsy.

I love these sandals from Tory Burch and this skirt from Target, and I love them together as well.  I can just picture myself strolling through a farmer's market or down the boardwalk enjoying them.

This blog post on lighting by Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess is so me.  If you know me at all, you know how much I hate overhead lighting and I think the entire world should be educated on how to bring perfect mood lighting into every space.

I am a bit obsessed with my rose coloured tinted lip balm by Burt's Bees.  If you haven't tried this product out, you must.  The rose colour is such a soft subtle shade.  I think I should have bought a couple more tubes before moving back to Australia!

I would love for this owl pencil holder from Typo and this quilt from Urban Outfitters to become a part of my life very soon.

I have been a big fan of succulents for a while now.  My friend Jaz was so sweet and gifted me some starters out of her grandmother's garden after we moved here last year.  Now that mine are off and going I would love to try and propagate them, and just might, thanks to this tutorial.  Maybe soon I will have a whole garden full of the beauties.

When I saw this on Pinterest the other day I got very excited.  What a great way to take an old dumpy lumpy sweatshirt and make it into something fabulous!  

And finally this.  John Mark McMillan is one of my favorite artists.  He is probably most famous for the song he wrote titled "How He Loves," but overall him and his band write some amazing songs.  I am so excited because they are coming out with a new album, and they want their fans to help by becoming the record company.  I could go into all the details, but you should just check out the website and the video.  It is quite lovely.  

Those are some things I am loving for the month of March!  Hope you enjoyed!  Christy

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