Window Shopping: Shoe Crush


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One thing you should know about me, I have a love of shoes!  Dane and my brother used to place bets on how many pairs I would try on while going through the Target shoe aisle.  Speaking of Target, I got an email today saying they are doing a buy one get one 50% off sale.  All you have to do is enter BOGO50 at the checkout.  Now, shopping American Target shoes isn't going to do me much good here in Australia, so I need all of you USA folks to take advantage and enjoy the sale.  I picked a few of my own favourites to share with you and would love to see what your favourites are.  Consider it a cyber shopping trip.  Of course, I only picked shoes that are in stock in size 11.  Yep, I have a huge foot, and finding shoes to fit isn't easy, but thank you Target for upping your size 11 selection.  Big foot women from all over the world rejoice!  love, Christy

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