Art Journal All Year Update


How are your goals for 2013 going?  Did you realize that we are 1/6 of the way done with this year?  I was never too good at fractions, but 1/6 of a pie adds up to a pretty good sized piece!  So I thought I would stop by to update you all on one of my favourite goals for 2013, my Art Journal All Year class.  I am proud to say, I have already completed more pages than I did in 2012, and although I am a bit behind my goal of one page a week, I am quite pleased with the five I have finished.  The creative process should never be rushed you know!

On the first page I was to create an introduction page in order to set the tone for my journal.  I used a picture of Dane and I that hung up in our bedroom throughout 2012, the paper came from a Frankie magazine (you are going to find that paper used all of the time in my art journaling...when I buy a magazine, I consider it as crafting material...yes I know some of you just gasped at the thought of me cutting up my Frankie).

Challenge #2 was to create a page all about my daydreams.  My goal was to use lots of layers on this page, so we have an old newspaper, several pieces of ribbon and edging, dandelion paper (thank you Frankie) and an old photo that I discovered in a box of junk at a thrift store.  I know I would do a lot of day dreaming while floating in a canoe on the lake.  I would love to know the story behind this shot, wouldn't you?

Challenge #3 was easy enough and so much fun to do, create a list of the things you love right now.  I really encourage you to stop reading and go make a list.  Seriously, it is such joy for the soul to focus on the happy things in life.  I used a page out of an old Urban Outfitters magazine that my mama mailed me to journal with.  I love getting art journal supplies!  One of the challenges on this page was to add our own illustrations to the print media, hence the sunshine, balloons and "accessories."

Next up was more of a soul searching journal entry where I was challenged to explore a thought.  Mine is about the daily struggle of wanting to be present in Australia, but also missing the states, all the while doing my best to make the most out of each moment life throws me.  The challenge was to use uncommon materials to journal with.  The paper I used here is a shopping bag and the kangaroo picture is actually a coaster I picked up here in Australia on my birthday last year.  I couldn't believe how well the colours went together, so it was meant to be!

And the last page I will share with you today is all about summing up a thought in one sentence (quite opposite of the book I wrote on the last page).  Part of the experience was to go on an art journal date, also known as, art journal in a space you wouldn't normally do so.  I flipped through magazines on our back patio until I came upon this piece of paper covered in random fabrics.  It immediately took me back to one of my favourite things I have from my Grandma Bebermeyer.  An old patchwork quilt made up of the most random fabrics.  I really don't know anything about the quilt, except that it really isn't in good condition and when I first had it in my hands it smelled awful.  Now, there were much finer quilts to be had of my grandmothers, but this one was just so special to me.  I couldn't help but think that the scraps of fabric that made it up were all pieces she had used to sew clothes, aprons, gifts, or pillows.  Those scraps had become a beautiful part of her everyday life, and I felt like I could carry some of those precious moments on with me by having that quilt.  So the page was created and the saying was written, and it might be my favourite page in the book so far.  And to think, I almost stopped art journaling today because I thought I had hit a creative brick wall.  Beauty from ashes my friends, beauty from ashes.

The awesome thing about this course is that you can do it whenever you would like.  If you are interested in taking it as well, check it out here.

Happy creating!  Love Christy

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