A Really Good Friday


Easter Weekend in Australia is a huge celebration.  USA we should take notes.  EVERYONE gets off work for Good Friday and most people don't have work on the following Monday, so it is a four day celebration.  Over the next few days we are here to share our Easter celebrations with you, starting with Good Friday.  

Our good friends Gav and Monique have a family tradition to travel to the fish markets on Good Friday early in the morning (I am talking up at 4:30am) and then spend the rest of the day enjoying a seafood feast.  We were fortunate enough to be invited along for the family festivities and here is a glimpse into our lovely day.

Oyster Shucking.  Later on in the day we ate our first oysters.  One raw and one cooked.   Brave souls we are!  Surprisingly they were quite pleasant.

Do you feel like she is smiling at you?

I couldn't get over the cheese selection here.  Someday we are going to a place like this and going to try a bit of everything!  We love cheese way too much!  I know some of you out there are right there with us. 

By the way, those are the biggest crab legs I have ever seen in my life!   

That fish is made out of bread.  Super impressive bakery skills displayed at the markets. 

We enjoyed a breakfast at dawn with the Anzac bridge in view.  Breakfast consisted of fried baby octopus and scallops.

We then ventured to Doody Street where the new Hillsong City Campus opened.  Yes, we were there for the first ever church service held at Doody Street.  Hillsong has been trying to open a second church in the city, but it has been a 10 year battle for property and building space.  Last year, as a church we diligently prayed for the space and one year later, the doors were opened.  It is so exciting to know the number of lives that are going to be changed in this space.  All glory to you Jesus. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Gav and Moniques family eating so much seafood.  Let us see if we can remember everything we ate: calamari, prawns, crab legs, perch, salmon, baby octopus, oysters.  It was super yummy too!  

We hope you all had a good Easter.  Back tomorrow with more exciting photos to share!  

Love, The Kids Down Under

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