Living Like Royals


Saturday morning we got in the car with Gav and Monique and immediately the day had been titled.  "Treat Yourself, A Day of Excess."  Our friends were taking us to the Royal Easter Show at Sydney Olympic Park and they wanted to make sure we felt like royalty (and that nobody judged another for all of the amazing fried and bbq food we were about to consume).  So basically, if we saw something we wanted to do/eat/experience we did.  

My best explanation of the Easter Show is that it is much like our Kansas State Fair, only with a lot more!  We wanted to share a few of the pictures with you all!  Hope you enjoy!

Every year they create unique three-dementional scenes all made out of produce grown in Australia.  I loved the the canning that was back lit because it is so pretty!  Reminded me of stained glass. Yes, that airplane is made out of grains, the fields out of produce, the sheep out of wools and fibers.  

A sky-writer flew over the festival and wrote this in the sky.  The cool thing, that's our church, Hillsong!  They represent Easter with the cross equals love symbol!

Honey comb carvings. 

Some pretty impressive decorated cakes. 

I would give him this award, hands down.

Horse shoe making is such a lost art.  It was really awesome to watch them do this! 

So coming up is a lot of pictures of alpacas.  I'm not even apologizing for this.  They made me so happy, they are so soft, and the cutest.  Each one seemed to have it's own personality and I loved them, even if they do spit.

Then we went to a barn that was full of baby animals.  They were just wondering around and would come right up to you or plop down on the ground and look super cute, making you come to them.  I love the baby animal barn.  Oh, the cow above, that is the biggest dairy cow I have seen in my life!

See those adorable ducks going down the slide, well it was my favorite part of the day.  And Dane took this awesome video of it.  Enjoy!

We had such a great day at the Easter Show.  Gav & Monique, thanks for treating us like Royalty.  We are so blessed by you both!

Love, The Kids Down Under

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