Resurrection Sunday


Well we have made it to the end of the show and tell of our Easter Weekend.  Sunday, Resurrection Day, started off with church.  Dane and I had the privilege of being on the worship team Easter Sunday.  Dane played guitar and was musical director for the first time and I sang background vocals.  

Then in the afternoon we drove into the city for the city wide Easter Service that Hillsong does in the Entertainment Center.  The place was packed out.  I said to Dane, I don't know if I will ever celebrate Easter with this many people at one time again while on this earth.  I reckon heaven will be one big gigantic continuous celebration of Jesus conquering the grave.  The speaker that evening was Reinhard Bonnke, an evangelist who has seen millions come to Christ.  So many people stood up to receive salvation Sunday night.  It filled my eyes with joyful tears.  

The college students wrote and performed a song called Victory, and I was loving the celebration.  

Our evening ended with a wonderful dinner on Darling Harbour with Gav and Monique and then we came home to an Easter Egg hunt, only our bunny left Cocoa Cola cans instead of chocolate eggs.  Dane has quite a fancy Easter basket don't you think?

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  Love, The Kids Down Under

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