Things I Love: April Edition


 Christy here with 10 things I am loving this April, starting off with this amazing painted floor.  I have always been drawn to black and white checkered floors.  This room is simply stunning though!

Some lovely iphone cases for all of you iphone 5 folks, by Julia Kostreva.

I know these have been all over pinterest world lately, but all of you getting ready to go into spring, you should be gold leafing your pots right now as you prepare for the upcoming planting season.  Speaking of planting, dad I hope you have your first crop of sweet corn in!

 Anthropologie, you are always spot on.  I could have put so many of your spring time blouses in this post, but of course I went with the lovely golden yellow choice.

First off, I am now totally obsessed with greek yogurt pancakes.  Dane and I have made them twice now and they are the best pancakes I have ever eaten!  Super simple to make, I recommend you try this recipe out this weekend!

And seriously, the most amazing picnic accessory ever, thank you Kate Spade.  

I am loving these bobby pins which will be in the upcoming Kate Young for Target collection.  We won't see any of this collection in Australia, so if someone would like to pick a few of these up for me, I would LOVE it!  

The owl picture is from Krystie Lee's instragram feed.  She has been visiting Malaysia and this picture has me wanting to do a face to face owl encounter like crazy!  Robin, I couldn't help but think of you when I saw this picture because the owl on her shoulder is the same type of owl we did a watercolor of during the holidays.  I just love his gnarly eyebrows.

And this gem necklace from Urban Outfitters.  I am really loving gem stones right now.  So pretty.
 Rifle paper company, I reckon you create some of the most beautiful stationary on the planet.  Check out these amazing note cards.

 There you have it.  Things I am loving this April.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Dane and I have plans to possibly hit up the beach, church, and the markets.  

Much love, Christy.

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