Last week was my birthday!  My friends and family made it so special with cards, gifts, kind words, hugs, and surprises.  Stopping in to share a few of the moments with you.

Our friends Gav and Monique had us over for a birthday breakfast.  Monique made these beautiful cupcakes that had edible glitter on them.  Fun fact, edible glitter will come out in your poo, so yeah.  They also made us all sorts of fun eggs, mini quiches, and pancakes with bacon and maple syrup in muffin tins.  It was bite sized breakfast goodness!

After the breakfast I got to open one of my presents, which at first appeared to be a bag of dirt.  I then realized this bag of dirt contained sapphires!   I was about to go fossicking!  Fossicking aka gem hunting is such a unique experience.

I like my face here...what in the world am I going to do with these things?

So here are the pictures of the process.  I loved doing the washing.  The hunting took lots of patience.  Basically the thought was, if you pick up a gem, crystal or rock you like, keep it.
 And here are some of my favorites.  Most of what you see above are crystals.  The picture below are all sapphires.  Dane found the biggest one.  And it is quite possible we will be able to get it cut and fit into a ring or necklace someday.  How special is that?

But until then, they are hanging out in this cute little jar next to my owl collection.  Each time I see them they make me smile!

That night we threw a party with a few of our friends at the house.  I made heaps of cupcakes including my new favorite, honey peanut butter.  Oh my goodness, the combination of peanut butter and honey makes me so happy.

We played "The Game of Things," always a party favorite.  And Gav and Monique had a cupcake bake-off.  Monique with her amazing decor skills and cream cheese frosting vs Gav and his mini-pancake cupcakes with maple butter cream frosting.  It was such a great night.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

So thanks to everyone who made my day so great.  But it isn't even about that.  Thanks to all of you who make the everydays of life so great.  I love you bunches!  Christy

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