Australia Autumn DIY


It is that time of year: Tights and Boots, Hot Tea and Biscuits, Scarves and Sweaters, Cozy Blankets and Glowing Fires.  And Candles.  Lots and lots of candles.  Yes Autumn has hit Australia my friends so I wanted to stop in with a little Australia Autumn DIY.

True, we burn candles year round.  But in the Autumn and Winter months there seems to being a continuous flicker of candlelight in our room, plus it seems to add a bit of warmth (that may all be in my head, but I will take it).  

To make this candle holder all you need is a clear glass container and a sharpie.  It is so simple.  Chose and design or pattern and draw.  

I chose a classic herringbone pattern but I think chevron, polka dots, or even writing text would be fun. You can use any color sharpie as well.  I am so in love with gold right now so it was a natural choice.  

Other things I am in love with right now: this Green Jasmine & Pear tea by Madame Flavour and Rusks which are a South African biscuit that you dip in hot drinks.  They melt in your mouth.  My beautiful friend Monique has me started on them and I am not going to stop.  

How about you, what are you loving about Australia Autumn or for some of you, Unites States Spring?

Love, Christy

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