Things I Love: June Edition


Stopping in today to share a few things I am loving this June.  While all of you in the United States are trying to cool down in the shade, here in Australia we are bundling up.  And that's why you see me dreaming of warm socks, boots, comfort food baking with that gorgeous wooden rolling pin, and a tiger sweat shirt.  Speaking of tiger shirts, they seem to be all the rage here in Australia, how about in the Northern Hemisphere?  All I know is, I want one!  Shout out to my Alma Mater "go tigers!"  And those "monster" notecards, oh they hold a dear spot close to my heart.  I think they would make some excellent art journalling material.  Hope you enjoy this month's loves.

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And just like that, June is about finished.  Back in July with lots of posts about what we were up to when our family came to visit and much more.  Love you all!  

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