We ♥ Melbourne: Cafe Crushes


A good cafe fills me with inspiration.  From decor, to food, to styling, even sometimes clothing inspiration.  Melbourne is full of wonderful and inspirational cafes and exploring the different little hideaways was one of our favourite parts of our trip.

Some of our favourite spots to eat in Melbourne, Manchester Press (them most incredible bagels I have ever eaten), Prospect Espresso (best chips of my life), De Clieu (sparkling pear juice and almond croissants, order them), Merry Cupcakes (those cupcakes are chai and chocolate avocado...I know you were curious).

Other delicious foods we enjoyed while in Melbourne:  macaroons at a pop up shop, fresh hot jam donuts, and Grill'd Burgers.

There you have it.  One more Melbourne post to go!  Love you.  The Kids Down Under.

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