We ♥ Melbourne: The Camberwell Markets


I am pretty sure we have discovered one of the coolest cities on earth, Melbourne.  Dane and I have been wanting to travel to Melbourne ever since we arrived in Australia, hearing that it was full of culture, art, music, cafes, and shopping, it sounded like the perfect place for us.  We loved it so much, I am going to have to break the trip up into three posts!


The first stop on our Melbourne Adventure were the Camberwell Markets.  If you are in Melbourne, make time for these on Sunday morning.  Here's the scene: the parking lot of a shopping center turned into one giant creative flee market. (yes that is a Tiger rug, and yes I want it).

We had some incredible finds, from jewelry to vintage clothing to a bow Dane plans on using for his guitar.  I think one of us should learn cello.  We'll see.

While roaming around we enjoyed live music, delicious food, and meeting new people.

I am also assuming the phrase, "look at that cute dog," came out of our mouths about a million times.  We even saw a Dixie look alike!!! (At this point we will pause to say hello to Eric and Nicole and ask them to give Dixie a cuddle and a treat for us).

Sunday morning was incredible, and it was only a hint to how exciting the rest of our trip was going to be.  Make sure you stop back in over the next three days to see pictures from the rest of our trip.

xoxo The Kids Down Under

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