My Insanity Journey


Working out.  It is just a part of my life, but lately, I was becoming quite bored with my workouts and routine so I decided to try something new.  After some inspiration from my friend Jovi and Elizabeth over at Delightfully Tacky I decided to take on the challenge on the insanity program.

I loved the idea of insanity because unlike many other beach body programs, this one was only 60 days.  It never failed, with P90x and Turbo Fire (both 90 day programs) I would do awesome the first 60 days and then just be tired of the routine.  I find myself hating the last 30 days and gritting my teeth every time I had to push play.  I knew mentally, I could do 60 days.

Insanity is one of the toughest workouts I have ever done and although I didn't get the same physical results that you see on the infomercials and websites (I blame my love for cupcakes and pork belly).  But I would sweat like I have never sweat before.  I would be gasping for air.  I would wish with all my might that one minute would move along just a little faster.  I would yell at Shawn T.  I would drink 1.5 liters of water.  And then before I knew it, the workout was over.  So here is what I loved about insanity.

Accomplishment:  After finishing a workout I would have the best sense of accomplishment.  When I say each workout is tough, I mean tough.  The first time I did the workout I couldn't even make it through the warm up without stopping.  After a workout was over, I would stand there and be so proud of myself for toughing it out, knowing it was getting easier and easier each day.

Endurance: My endurance has gotten so much better.  Now I can complete most workouts in their entirety without taking a break.  Plus it makes everyday tasks seem like a piece of cake.

Strength:  I am one of those girls who couldn't do real push ups, and now I can!  It may only be a couple but I can do them, and am getting better each day!  I love that insanity has you do a fit test every two weeks so you can really track your progress.  I am not much for before and after pictures, but my numbers don't lie.  I am a much stronger person than I was when I started and I am proud of my accomplishments.

So that is a bit of my insanity journey.  If you have ever tried out insanity I would love to hear how your journey went.  Currently, I am doing round 2 of the program, already into week 2 and cannot believe how much more I am enjoying this the second time around.  I am much better at the moves and feel so strong!


  1. I have insanity…and need to do it. I tried the warm up and about died…so I was afraid! But your story inspires me!

  2. Thanks so much Nicole! So kind of you to say. If you start it, let me know how it goes! love chatting workouts with people!