Weekends Are For...Catching Up


This past weekend we spent a lot of time catching up with people in our lives.  Catching up, that's the term Aussie's use for hanging out, and it used to sound so weird to me, but now, getting together for a catch up sounds so normal.

Friday night we enjoyed a night out with some of our GWS family, the Temus.  It was a dinner eating, game show playing, face painting, disco dancing kind of night.  We are so thankful for the Temu family sharing life with us.  Amongst many other lessons, your family has taught us so much about the importance of doing life with people inside and outside the church walls.  Thank you!

The first half of Saturday was devoted to Dane and I catching up.  Life gets so crazy here and so time together is always a blessing.  We enjoyed brunch at one of our new favourite cafes, Youeni.  I highly recommend their fresh squeezed orange juice (they are the inspiration for us buying a juicer when we get back home) and the lamb sambo (oh Australia you have made me fall in love with lamb).

After brunch we did a bit of shopping (yay for sales racks), and then went to see the movie "About Time."  Seriously loved this one.   It is the type of movie that makes me want to embrace life and live it to the fullest, you know, its the same way you feel after watching a movie like Yes Man.

Saturday evening was spent catching up with our hoursemates Kyle and Hannah.  True, we live together, but its just different when you go out and do something together.  We hit up one of our favourite little spots in the city, The Pie Tin and then had quite the adventure playing the game "what are the odds."  The only way I can explain this is by saying it's a spin of truth or dare, only not so much truth and not quite as risky, but still so many memories made!

Sunday afternoon was a catch up with our beautiful friend Lyndsey from Scotland.  We have served with Lyndsey at GWS for our two years here, and it was so encouraging to hear how her Hillsong experience has helped her grow.  Our afternoon included free Slurpees thanks to Slurpee day at 7-11 and us introducing her to BLT's and cucumber salad.  I wish I could box this amazing woman up and bring her home with me.

As our time closes here in the land down under, I have a feeling we have a lot more catching up to do.  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  Much Love, The Kids Down Under

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