Date Night Friday: Do You Wanna Build A Snowman


Kansas has dealt us a crazy hand of weather this week.  We've had rain, snow, sunshine, wind, sleet, fog!  Ever since I saw Frozen back in January I have been singing the song "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman," to Dane, and FINALLY we took advantage of the super wet spring snow and built one.  Everyone meet, Jonas (our Swedish friends named him!)

So I know what you're thinking.  Christy, we don't have snow where I am at, how can I make this date work for my life?  Well you can!   Go to the beach and build and sandcastle and if you don't have a beach near by well then go out and build some mud pies, and if you don't have mud, go build with legos. The whole point is, spend some time together creating something fun!  Happy Date Night Everyone!

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