A Fun Little Quiz


Ever since junior high I have been a big fan of fun quizzes.  Come on ladies, remember those great quizzes from Teen and YM magazine: Are You Guy Obsessed?  Bud or Boyfriend? Are You Too Good for Him?  Man that quiz page was the first one I would flip to in order to figure out my destiny and why JTT or one of the Hanson brothers hadn't recognized me yet!

Even as an adult I find quizzes like this still super fun and thanks to the internet we have them at our fingertips 24/7. So here's the latest quiz I have taken, and its all about discovering your design aesthetic.  Design aesthetic is something that is always evolving in my life so I loved seeing my results, Scandinavian Blog DIY.  Several of the descriptions were exactly on target of how I have always been yet lately I have seen my design aesthetic moving towards minimalist, clean lines, and whites.

I would love to have you take the quiz and learn where your style is at now.  Simply click here and be sure you leave a comment with your score.

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