Our Little Home Sweet Home


This week we decided to finally take some pictures together in front of our first "home" as a married couple.  Ok true, we've been married for 2 1/2 years, but neither of us have felt like we have had the opportunity to live alone and actually establish a home together.  During our time in Australia, Dane and I would often talk about what we wanted our future home to look like.  I loved that when we talked, the conversations never really revolved around the number of bedrooms and granite counter tops, but more about the culture of a home we wanted to establish.
We both desired a home that was based around these words: peaceful, beautiful, creative, unique, us, full of laughter, open, fun, a space safe to try new things, refuge, encouraging.  So as we make decisions about how we use the space we have been blessed with, we try to ask if it fits into these categories.  And as many of you know, setting up a home takes a lot of time to get it just right.  We officially had all of our "stuff" Memorial Day Weekend (thanks to our amazing moving)!  And we dove in.  After a lot of paint (should out to the paint crews that have come through and helped us), some serious pruning, and love, I think we are finally beginning to settle in and feel like us.
Now for the house facts.  You know the stuff that would be on a realtor sheet:  We have a small front porch that overlooks our front yard.  We actually live on a pretty busy road, but I don't mind.  If you sit outside, there's always something to see.  Although the front of the house is busy, you can escape out the back door onto our covered deck which has an amazing view of the summer sunset.  And behind our house, a field which gives us just enough country.  If you came to stay with us, we'd have a bed for you, along with your own bathroom, and a kitchen where I love cooking up a storm with all my wedding gifts.  Dane is setting up a little music studio and I keep busy during the days in my office.  My favorite space in the house is a little "mud room" we've converted into a dining/game area, and our bedroom has super high peaked ceilings.

 So there you have it.  Welcome to our house!  Now, enter the cliche jumping picture!  Love yall!


  1. nothing beats a cliche jumping picture. duh.

    1. @Drew: Dane's response after first seeing this picture, "Wow Christy, you really went for it." Guess he has something to prove next time ;)