This post was inspired by a chicken.


Yes the title of this post is correct.  I stood there looking at a whole chicken last night and thought, well here we go.  I had never roasted a whole chicken before, but according to my pinterest board, I have definitely intended to.

This all started about 3 months ago when I pinned a Jamie Oliver roasted chicken recipe over on pinterest, and received a comment from the beautiful Caley (by the way you should totally check out her blog, and tell them congrats...they just had an adorable baby boy!!!) that said, Christy you must try this, and be sure to use the fresh sage in the recipe.

So all spring and summer I've been in search for a good healthy sage plant.  (You see, I have this dream of having an amazing herb garden, with every fresh herb imaginable at my fingertips...but more on that later).  It never failed, I would find sage and it would be sad looking or a weird variety.  But finally, this week, there it was, a healthy looking sage plant in the most unexpected location...the grocery section of walmart.  So i scooped it up, had an interesting conversation with the checkout lady about it, and headed home, because I was about to try something new.

That evening I stood there at a sink, a whole chicken on one side, and a fresh pot of sage on the other.  Two ingredients I had never really worked with in life, but I dove right in, literally.  Thankfully the recipe said to clean out the inside of the chicken.  I mean, I had cooked turkeys before so I knew they left all the grossys inside those big bad boys, but chickens?  Sure enough, I reach my hand in and pull out all the little pieces, including the neck which made me laugh and think about Christmas Vacation and cousin Eddie, "Save the neck for me Clark."

As I was cooking, I was realizing that I was loving this.  It wasn't so much about the fact that I was playing with a chicken and recalling movie quotes, it was because I was doing something totally new and unfamiliar to my everyday life.  I couldn't wait to see how it was going to turn out.

It could flop, it could be the best darn chicken I've ever tasted (I mean the recipe claimed it was).  But overall it was about trying something new, adding a new adventure and experience to life.

And guess what, my new experience turned into something glorious.  Here I am with my chicken!  And it turned out so so so delicious.  Above and beyond what I even expected.

Now if you're still with me after all that talk of sage and chickens, then awesome.  I have a little challenge for you; get out there and TRY SOMETHING NEW!   Why?  Because our lives are way too short to waste on doing the same thing every single day, over and over and over.  We all are guilty of it, and I am the first to say, I love a good routine, but it is also super healthy to get a little out of box and try something new.  You know, spice it up!

So where do you start?  I think it is pretty simple.

Sit down and write out 10 new things you would like to try.  Now they can be lofty, like going sky diving, or they can be as simple as cooking a chicken.

Now, I want you to circle one.

Over the course of the next week, I want you to take a step in making this new thing happen in your life.  Say you wrote down, "learn to knit."  Well then make that trip to Hobbily Lobbily and pick out your yarn.  Or maybe you wrote down, "try out that new restaurant in town."  Well make a date with friends this week, get a reservation, and lets do this!    And some of you may have wrote down something seriously challenging like going back to college.  Well get online and start applying for those colleges and financial aid.  Just take one step in heading towards that direction.  Then next week, you can take another step.  Little by little, you will finally accomplish something new.

I would so love to hear what your list may consist of, what new adventure you are going to try?  So leave comments and encouragements for others!

As for me, I have this dream of riding in a hot air balloon, so I'm off to take my first steps in planning that little trip!  Love yall :)

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